Delivery & Installation

Once you've found your furnishing solutions, how are you going to get them to your space?

Delivery Deluxe: We will bring all your furniture to site, disassemble any furniture that you no longer need, assemble and arrange your furniture as required and you'll be ready to go.

Standard Delivery: We will bring your furniture to site pre-assembled and you get to arrange it :)

Freight: We can organize 3rd party freight to get it from us to you asap. If you wish to organize your own freight, we can package your goods in protective wrap so it can arrive safe and sound.

Pick-Up: Do you have a friend or relative who owns a truck.? You think the hatchback can take it? We are more then happy to allow you to collect your items direct from the showroom.

For a quote on delivery call us on (02) 9644 9949 or emails us at

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