EUROresin is one of the best options for alfresco dining areas. Available is a variety of colors and sizes, EUROresin tables will make your establishment look amazing and stand the test of time.

Each table top is a blend of quality hardwoods, softwoods, synthetic resins, anti-rot and anti-moisture all compressed together at 140°C under high pressure.

It is then molded before the application of decorative finishes to create an inseparable, seamless, hygienic, hard wearing table top that is suitable for indoor and alfresco dinning alike.

Sizing & Pricing

600mm round - $105 inc.GST
700mm round - $115 inc.GST
800mm round - $125 inc.GST
600mm square - $115 inc.GST
700mm square - $125 inc.GST
800mm square - $140 inc.GST
800mm x 1400mm - $250 inc.GST